Mozilla Is Making Sure That Facebook And Others Cannot Track You on Firefox: What It Means

Mozilla is bringing more safety features for its users on the Firefox browser, limiting the amount of tracking that platforms like Facebook can do with your website URLs. The new tool is called Query Parameter Stripping which promises to remove the codes that let Facebook, Hubspot and other trackers monitor your web surfing and dish out ads based on your history.

As pointed out by Bleeping Computer this week, Firefox is getting a new release for its users that brings the new tool privacy tool which can be manually enabled from the privacy settings of the web browser.

Most of you might know this, but every website URL you open and its sub-pages has a unique code which can be used by Facebook, Hubspot, Drip and Vero among others to identify that you have clicked on the page.

They can use this access to offer you specialised ads relevant to the pages that you have browsed. But with the QPS tool on Firefox, none of the trackers will be able to know whether you have clicked on the page or not. And this way, you will see fewer ads on the web browser.

Anybody using the Firefox browser can activate this tracking tool. Head over to the Privacy and Security Settings on your Firefox browser, and over there you will find the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature. You just have to select the Strict option, and these trackers won’t be able to monitor your web activity from now.

Officially, the tracker is not available for those using Firefox in private mode but there are other ways to activate it if required.

Firefox has plenty of other privacy tools that can be put to use by users anytime, and giving them hard-core ad-tracking prevention is a good move.