Virginia man wins $250,000 using lottery numbers from a dream

A Virginia man won a $250,000 prize after taxes using a set of lottery numbers that he said came to him in a dream.

Alonzo Coleman of Henrico told Virginia Lottery officials he used numbers that came to him in a dream when he bought a ticket with four sets of numbers for the June 11 Bank a Million drawing.

Coleman split his $2 wager four ways, earning him a $250,000 prize when one of his sets matched the first six numbers drawn, 13-14-15-16-17-18. He missed only the Bonus Ball, 19.

“It was hard to believe,” he told Lottery officials. “It still hasn’t hit me yet!”

Coleman bought his ticket from the Glenside Corner Mart in Henrico.

The top prizes in the Bank a Million game — $1 million, $500,000 and $250,000 — are calculated to ensure the winners receive those amounts after federal and state tax withholdings.